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20th April, 2013

19th April, 2013

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous said: Hey i'm just a country girl like you luvin prob #93 & #89

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous said: Why arent you updating? D:

Sorry, it’s just been difficult with school! Hopefully I’ll get some new problems up soon!

17th April, 2013

16th April, 2013

posted 1 year ago

redneckproblems said: Hey so I totally didn't know this blog existed when I made mine the other day, ha. Can we be tumblr-friends? :D

No big deal! :) 

Go check her page out country girls!

9th December, 2012

posted 1 year ago

my-favorite-hockey-players-butt said: amazing blog! :) i love it so much

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it!

posted 1 year ago

kourtneyhasley said: I love your blog! I probably stole 30 of your problems to put on my page. My favorite is the one where people ask you to repeat words. "My" "High" "Lie" haha you know.

Haha I love that one as well. It happens to me literally almost every day!

posted 1 year ago

medicinekenna said: I'm having trouble viewing your blog- could you please simplify it or something? (all the stuff at the top's giving me problems- I can't even find the follow button) Thanks <3

SO sorry! I hope this problem has been fixed? Let me know country girls!

posted 1 year ago

20lala-lindsey13-deactivated201 said: I love your blog, it is great!

Thanks so much!

8th December, 2012

Country Girl Problem #105
Follower Made! Thanks to countrycrystal&#160;!

12/8/2012 (3:01pm) 211 notes

Country Girl Problem #105

Follower Made! Thanks to countrycrystal !

#country girl problems#country#submission

7th December, 2012

» 2012 AGCJ 308 Photography Contest -- Jac Matthews | Facebook

Hey Country Girls! Sorry for the lack of posts, school has just been ridiculously hectic!

Anyway, this is an album of a country girl that attends Texas A&M (and my friend). Check it out! Like it! Like some or all of her pictures!! Her class is having a photography contest, I’m pretty sure you don’t have to like the page, just be logged into Facebook! Thanks in advance from both of us!

Be looking for new posts around the 16th!